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Dirty Dogs of Uttoxeter offer you a professional and caring dog grooming service for all breeds of dogs. Trust us to look after your pets with care.

If you truly love your pet dog, (and we know that you do!), you’ll be quick to understand the differences that make Dirty Dogs such a special place for doggies of all breeds and their owners in and around Uttoxeter.

Your Groomers are Rachel, Jenny, Sharna and Dee. They regularly attend workshops and seminars to advance their grooming skills. The team are professionally qualified through City & Guilds. Sharna is also a fully qualified, practicing RVN Veterinary Nurse. .

the dirty-dogs team

With a sincere love of animals, each pet and their owner is treated with the utmost respect and diligence.

Their grooming style is best described as patient and meticulous ensuring that every client leaves the studio very happy and totally satisfied!

You can also read some testimonials from our satisfied clients.

Our Services

Bath & Brush Out

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Bathed, Blow-dried & Brushed Ears & Eyes Cleaned Teeth & Gums Cleaned Coat Furminated Coat Condition Spray & Perfume

Our Full Head 2 Paw Treatment

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Bathed, Blow-dried & Brushed Ears Cleaned (plucked if required) Eyes Cleaned Teeth & Gums Cleaned Anal Glands (on request) Pads & Paws Trimmed Nails Clipped Coat Furminated Comb Through & De-Matting Full Coat Clip, Cut, Shape & Style (to owners specific requirements or to breed standards) Coat Conditioning Treatment & Perfume


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Hand Stripping is a process that involves plucking out the dead coat of the dog by hand. Hand Stripping is often the preferred option for the Terrier Breed & Schnauzers (Wire Coat). The benefits of hand-stripping include: Reduction of allergies, maintains the natural wiry coat, improves waterproofing & keeps the dog warmer and drier.

Puppy Groom*

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Perfect for introducing your puppy to grooming, this dedicated puppy groom is suitable for puppies when they are about 10 to 12-weeks-old or have had their second round of vaccines. The groom includes a bath, brush through of the coat, gentle blow dry, eyes and ears cleaned, paw tidy (and any other bits) if needed and nail clip.

Additional Information

*Prices on request. Matted and aggressive dogs will be subject to a surcharge. Dirty-Dogs abides by the ‘Animal Welfare Act’.

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22 St Catherines Close (Off Derby Road), Uttoxeter ST14 8EF
Phone: 07949 091196
Email: info@dirty-dogs.co.uk

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